Adventures into Public Relations – Part Two

Public RelationsBased on our successful foray into Public Relations earlier in the year (you can read the full story here) and due to the fact, as mentioned in an earlier post, that I was flying off to New York for the InterOp Expo to represent the West Midlands Mobile & Wireless Group last week – we decided to send out another Press Release blowing our trumpet.

Using a PR expert

Our PR genius, Derek Weekes of PR Weekes, wrote the copy – we then added a previously unused photograph from the collection of photos we had taken for the Texas Press Release (that meant no additional cost for a photographer this time around) – and off it all went into the wild.

Press Coverage

We were chuffed to find that both the Birmingham Mail and Birmingham Post picked up our story last Tuesday, both giving us a full half page coverage in their respective business section!

Additionally, the Birmingham Post Web-site (and boy, has that paper embraced the Web 2.0 concept with blogging, Twitter and the like – a genuine well done to the team involved there!) ran our story – which can’t hurt either!


All in all, another successful foray into the world of PR for our small business – proving that our initial success wasn’t simply a case of the Midlands Press taking a shine to my photogenic nature, Movie Star good looks and let’s not be modest here, Herculean physique!

Ok Ok… I hear what you’re saying – next time it may be better to just let Kelly and Mick appear in the photos so as not to scare anyone further. Point taken! 🙂

photo credit: Intersection Consulting via photopin cc


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