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Matt Barton of Ostrich ITI say this a lot, but one of the biggest benefits of being the Chair of the CompTIA UK Channel Community is that I get to chat to some of the best and brightest people within the SMB IT Channel.

Some of these conversations produce absolute golden tips and insight, and so there is many a time I wish I had recorded them!

So we’ve started to do just that! With the help of the folks at CompTIA UK, I’m recording regular Podcasts interviewing members of the UK Channel Community.

This month I’ve interview my old friend Matt Barton of Exmouth based Ostrich IT.

Ostrich IT logoMatt is well known in our space for being a real road-warrior. Despite living on the South Coast, he’s up and down the UK’s motorway network visiting clients, his peers and user group meetings on a regular basis. In our Podcast, Matt shares his journey of moving from the Midlands to Exmouth to setup a Managed Service Provider in what would generally be considered a tough market to establish a foothold.

You can listen to the Podcast in one of three ways.

The Podcast is around 15 minutes long, so ideal for the commute to the office or a lunchtime listen.

Would you like to be featured in an upcoming Podcast?

Is there anyone within the UK Channel that you would like to hear from?

Do let me know!

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