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Paul Tomlinson of Mirus ITOne of the benefits of being the Chair of the CompTIA UK Channel Community is that I get to chat to some of the best and brightest people in the UK IT industry today.

I’ve said many times before that after a lot of these conversations, I often  wish that we had recorded that chat, so we could share the conversation with other people.

With that in mind, I’ve been scheduling time to sit with many of my peers from the  CompTIA UK Channel Community to hear their stories, get their thoughts and opinions on the latest news in the Channel, and generally chew the fat.

For our latest episode, I’m thrilled to be talking to Paul Tomlinson of Mirus IT.

Mirus are one of the biggest members of the CompTIA UK Channel Community, with 70+ members of staff. They are arguably one of the top 100 Technology companies within the UK in terms of growth.

Paul himself is a successful entrepreneur, and in our interview we talk about the growth of Mirus, as well as two other businesses Paul has setup – Vivositi, focusing on Office 365 Cloud Solutions and a start-up in the tough IT recruitment market.

You can listen to the Podcast in one of three ways.

The Podcast is around 15 minutes long, so ideal for the commute to the office or a lunchtime listen.

You can also go back and listen to our other Podcast.

Would you like to be featured in an upcoming Podcast?

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  • Richard Tubb2012-07-10 15:19:32

    Paul - thanks for making the time to speak with me and sharing the link to your new recruitment company. Best of luck with it!

  • Paul Tomlinson2012-07-10 14:30:37

    Thanks for the kind words Richard, always good to catch up and really appreciate the opportunity to talk about my business. FYI the recruitment business is called Natio

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