Making Money from SharePoint with the Office 365 and SharePoint Guide

Office 365 and SharePoint Guide

Office 365 and SharePoint GuideOne of the best kept secrets in the SMB IT Consultancy world is the Office 365 and SharePoint Guide from Australian Robert Crane.

Find any IT Solution Provider who is making money from SharePoint and you’ll find a copy of Robert’s SharePoint Guide in their library.

As the former owner of an MSP myself, when I had a question or query on anything SharePoint I’d immediately turn to my copy of the SharePoint Guide for answers. It’s much more than just a book though – the guide is constantly updated with new information. Over the years Robert has grown the guide beyond just SharePoint, first adding Microsoft BPOS and then it’s successor Office 365 to the extensive knowledgebase he’d built.

What is the SharePoint Guide?

Designed for IT Professionals, the guide helps you install, migrate, maintain and get the most from SharePoint and Office 365. It’s an extensive guide with over 1,500 pages of documentation, 9 hours of videos and hundreds of direct content links that will save you time and get you up and running quickly. The Guide is updated monthly to ensure it is current and provides all of this information via a SharePoint portal so everything is in a single place and easily searchable.

Who is Robert Crane?

As the author of the SharePoint guide, Robert is genuinely one of the SMB IT Communities good guys. A key leader in the Australian User Group scene and a popular speaker at worldwide community events for years, Robert Crane is to SharePoint what Jeff Middleton is to SBS Migrations or what Karl Palachuk is to Managed Services. Simply put, he is the expert in his field.

Happy 5th Birthday!

It’s hard to believe that the Office 365 and SharePoint Guide has reached it’s fifth birthday! Congratulations to Robert for reaching the five year milestone with the Guide, and I’m sure I echo everyone’s thoughts when I say a big thank-you for all you’ve put into the Guide over the years.

To celebrate the Guide reaching the five year milestone, Robert is making a limited time offer to new subscribers to the Office 365 and SharePoint Guide that include discounts and special free consultancy sessions. Trust me when I say these Consultancy sessions along are worth the price of the Guide.

Making Money With SharePoint

The vast majority of IT Consultants and MSP’s have SharePoint deployed at client sites, but do little with it. This is a undoubtedly a missed opportunity.

If you’re serious about making money from SharePoint and Office 365, then I’d recommend you support Robert’s efforts and buy the Office 365 and SharePoint Guide. I speak from experience when I say that you won’t regret it!


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