Social Media for MSPs – Live Video

Social Media for MSPs - Live Video Panel

Social Media for MSPsSocial Media for MSPs. It’s an incredibly powerful way for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to build trust, demonstrate their expertise and win more business.

Why is it, therefore, that there are SO few MSPs who are using social media successfully?

And many IT businesses are actually not using social media at all!

We covered this topic in our latest live video on Social Media for MSPs.

Live Video – Social Media for MSPs

Recorded in the studios at the London Stock Exchange (LSE), this live video session was hosted by our friends at Avast. It featured a panel discussion.

If you caught our live video on How to offer awesome MSP Endpoint Protection then you’ll know these are lively and very interactive sessions!

The panel and I talked about how MSPs can use social media to effectively find new clients and grow their business.

The panel consisted of:-

  • Robert Gibbons, Head of Managed Services, Evaris Solutions Plc
  • Claire Jenks, Head Designer, Claire Jenks Design
  • Fiona Challis – MSP & Channel Enablement Expert

We answered the audience’s questions about using social media for marketing live on air. We covered a LOT of valuable ground!

Why are SO few MSPs using social media successfully? I'm watching the @AvastBusiness live video to learn more Click to Tweet

What Should You Talk About on Social Media?

In this excerpt from the full video, Richard asks Robert, Jenks and Fiona what Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can talk about on social media. Which topics do prospective customers like to hear about?

Should you use Blogging? Video? Podcasts? The panel explores what works for them and how they produce content quickly and effectively.

How To Win New Customers

In this excerpt, Fiona Challis shares advice on how to take a conversation from social media and into the real-world to win a new customer.

Overcoming The Fear That You’re Giving Too Much Away

In this clip, Richard asks Robert and Fiona how they overcome the fear that they’re giving too much away via social media.

How to view the video on demand

This live video took place on 28th March 2019. Did you miss it? Never fear! You can now view the video-on-demand at your leisure.

Visit the Avast Business BrightTalk website and register for free. If you’re already registered, then here’s a direct link to this Social Media video.

We will give you on-demand access to this Managed Services video, and we will give you access to a library of other videos. They are all aimed at helping you grow your MSP business.


How is your IT Solution Provider business utilising social media to find new clients?

What are your biggest challenges in using social media for your MSP business?

Leave a comment below or get in touch to let me know.

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