Does Twitter signal the Death of Blogging?

A belated Happy New Year to you! It’s been over a month since I last wrote a blog entry here, and I’ve had a number of people ask me if everything was ok (which is the Digital equivalent of an elderly neighbour leaving Milk Bottles on the Doorstep) due to my lack of TubbBlog articles.

The truth is, it’s been a very hectic Christmas and New Year period, but being busy has never stopped me from blogging before, so what gives?

The problem may well be Twitter.

Micro Blogging

Twitter allows you to “micro blog” – so I’ve been finding that a lot of the things I would normally write a full blog posting about, I’ve simply been cramming into 140 characters and then engaging with the growing Twitter community on.

I know I’m not the only one who’s suffered from this micro blogging impacting on their regularly blogging activities either, as my friend Vijay mentioned much the same thing.

Make no mistake about it, Twitter will become mainstream news this year and just like blogging before it, if you’re not “Tweeting” you’ll be on the outside looking in. Celebrity Twitter users such as Stephen Fry and Jonathon Ross are already bringing it to the attention of mainstream media.

The Death of Blogging?

So is this the death of blogging?

I don’t think so.

I’ve missed “proper” blogging. I’ve written before about the benefits I personally feel I get from blogging, and that alone is enough to persuade me to pull my finger out and post more regularly. I’m sure I’m not the only one who like’s his articles longer than 140 characters too!

I’m still writing!

Therefore rather than discard them, I’ve got a load of half finished blog postings from the past six weeks that I’m going to complete and post over the next few days. Many of these articles are concerning topics you’d normally think about as the New Year approaches – such as Productivity and Goal Setting – but what the heck, a bit like (ok, it’s a tenuous link at best…) the Chinese or the Scottish, we’ll have New Year near the end of January! 🙂


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  • Richard2009-01-26 15:52:57

    Interesting point. I tend to use a service such as HelloTXT (EDIT - Service now closed, see to update my Twitter and Facebook status' from time to time - but not with all activities as I tend to use Twitter to. I did get pulled up by a friend the other week for posting a business rant to my FB status update. However, about a quarter of my FB "friends" are business contacts - so should my FB updates be "personal" only because FB is traditionally a friend2friend service? I guess it all comes down to the fact the line between business "friends", on-line "only" friends and traditional friends is getting very blurred!

  • Matt2009-01-26 13:48:50

    Richard - Agreed. You can certainly (b)log my day-to-day experiences and thoughts far better on Twitter than you over could my subpar livespace. You might say I don't have enough to talk about to fill a traditional blog, but... Now, the interesting question is: "Where does Facebook sit on this list?" It too has a 'what you're doing' feature, however people directly replying there certainly feels more like online messaging, to me at least.

  • Richard2009-01-26 13:01:08

    Technogran - granted, Twitter is not traditional blogging - but it is a *type* of blogging - Micro-Blogging ( - I'd not dismiss Twitter as simply an on-line messaging tool, it's more than that.

  • Technogran2009-01-26 12:57:42

    Well I certainly wouldn't descibe Twitter as 'blogging' by any stretch of the imagination! You can only use 140 letters and that includes spaces! A blog is by definition far longer in content than that! Twitter is online messaging to others via a short sentence.

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