Why Bother using Twitter?

The Scenario: You’re at a networking event chatting with other business owners. You exchange business cards with a Gentleman who looks at your card, sees that unusually, you have a Twitter link listed on it and says “Why do you bother? How does using Twitter help you with your business?”

How do you typically answer?

If you’re like me, if you start talking about relationships, collaboration and the like, you invariably hear some apathetic objections, end up debating the value of Social Networking as a whole, and ultimately, it’s likely the business person you are talking to still doesn’t “get it”.

As you get asked this question a lot you can start to feel like a broken record.

How I use Twitter

I was chatting to a friend about this, and we talked about how we could boil our answer down so that it made sense for your typical business owner.

Now when we’re asked “How does using Twitter help you with your business” we answer:-

  • It helps us find new prospective clients
  • They then start reading our blog or subscribe to our e-mail newsletter
  • They trust us thanks to finding value in the content we give them
  • They become paying clients
  • They continue to trust us and find value in the content we give them, and so share it with other prospective clients


If you’re reading this blog, then chances are you’re somebody who gets asked this question a lot too – how do you typically answer it?

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