Using an MSP Sales System – An Interview with Paul Lloyd


Ask any small IT Solution Providers or Managed Service Provider (MSP) what their top challenge is, and 9 times Paul Lloydout of 10 they will tell you that it is getting new business through the door – sales.

But on the flip-side of the coin, ask any IT Consultant or MSP which business activity they struggle the most to master – and it’ll be sales.

If sales is important to your business, but you still find sales an uncomfortable or difficult process – then you will find my conversation with experienced IT sales professional Paul Lloyd of interest.



Paul made his first sale in the IT industry providing an Apple II with a bespoke delivery note system to a Coal Merchant. Since that time he’s worked at highly recognisable industry names such as ICL, Specialist Computer Centres and Fujitsu as well as a raft of US Tech Start-up companies.

In short, Paul is one of the most experienced IT sales professionals you’re ever likely to come across.

Paul now runs Sellerly, a ‘virtual sales manager’ business that helps IT Solution Providers and MSP’s to win more business. You can find Paul on LinkedIn and Twitter.

In my chat with Paul, we discuss why so many MSPs waste time chasing business they were never likely to win, how you can qualify business at each stage of the sales cycle, and we explore Paul’s system for minimising wasted time and maximising closed business.

Enjoy our chat!

Thank you Paul for your time!

Did what Paul had to say strike a chord with you? What key takeaways did you receive that will affect the way you approach sales?

Please feel free to share with us!


  • Richard Tubb2013-04-16 10:28:07

    Jakob - thanks for the feedback, and as somebody I know has a great deal of experience in sales yourself, it's useful to get your opinion.

  • Jakob Thusgaard2013-04-15 20:16:25

    Excellent interview - thank you. Speaking from experience I agree - and it's not just limited to MSPs - that people who do sales need a system. Except for those very rare gifted sales people the other 99% of us need a system to make the most of our sales skills. Don't think MSPs necessarily need Paul's system - they just need any system that works for them. That said, getting a trainer who understand the World the salesman/MSP is living in brings a lot of relevance and credibility. If you get good content and strong, relevant background in one package, it could be hard to find a better option.

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