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Benefits of BloggingI’ve just returned from a really productive week at the CompTIA EMEA Conference 2010 at the Radisson Edwardian in London Heathrow. Some really fantastic speakers, highlights including an engaging and witty keynote from Sir Ranulph Fiennes and a whistle-stop tour of Social Media thoughts from DK of Media Snackers in the closing presentation.

I was also a speaker as part of an Educational panel discussion on how educational institutes can engage with employers. Lots of my answers were focused on Social Media, where I tried to explain the benefits of blogging, using Facebook, Twitter, and the other platforms to those who weren’t using those channels.

Seth Godin & Tom Peters

It was during DK’s afore-mentioned closing presentation that I came across a video I’d not seen before, featuring the highly influential Seth Godin and author Tom Peters.

I was asked by a peer earlier in the day why *I* blog, and what I get out of blogging. The answer I gave was virtually identical in reasons to Seth Godin and Tom Peter’s discussion in this video, but I suspect my response wasn’t nearly as concise and well laid out as these two have put it.

The next time I’m asked “Why do you blog?” I’ll try to channel Godin & Peters in my response.

If you’re not blogging – as a personal knowledge-base, a brain-dump, to help improve the way you present your thoughts and ideas, to help communicate your vision to people, to build contacts and community, or for any one of a shed load of other reasons – it’s free and simple to get started with, so what’s stopping you just doing it?

Thanks to everyone at CompTIA UK for putting together a great event, and to all the speakers involved for preparing their slides and taking the time to share their thoughts with us!


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