Looking at the Iomega 70GB REV Drive

Iomega recently released a new REV drive, which stores 70GB of data natively – and upto 140GB with compression. Whilst you are unlikely to ever actually store 140GB (most files such as .JPG and .PDF have some sort of compression in them already, making further compression unlikely) 70GB natively is double the capacity of the original 35GB REV drive, and making REV an even more attractive proposal over traditional Tape Drives.
For the past 2 years I’ve been recommending REV drives to my small customers. It’s relatively cheap per tape, it’s fast compared to traditional tape, it’s supported by the latest backup software such as Backup Exec and Arcserve – and it has many of the benefits of Tape Drives without most of the drawbacks.
If you’re considering how to update your backup setup (you do make regular backups, right?) – then I’d suggest placing a solution based around a REV drive high on your list of options.


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