How to Fix a very slow Windows 7 installation


Whilst trying to install Windows 7 via USB Key Disk (find out how to install Windows 7 from USB Key Disk) I came across an odd and frustrating problem – once Windows 7 had booted into its setup routine, it went really, really, really slow. By slow, I mean minutes in between changing screen prompts.

Thinking the issue was USB based, I burned Windows 7 to a DVD and tried booting from that. Same issue, sllllllow installation.

The machine in question was based on a Asus P5B Motherboard, and so I went into the BIOS to do some digging around.

Asus P5B BIOS ScreenshotI noticed that within the BIOS, the option for a 1.44mb 3.5” Floppy Disk Drive was turned on – despite the fact the machine didn’t have a FDD.

I disabled the FDD, rebooted Windows 7 from USB Key Disk, and the installation started to fly by. 15 minutes later, I was running Windows 7.

I’ve seen this same sort of issue with Windows Vista installations as well, so the lesson here is – make sure you’ve turned off Floppy Disk Drives in the BIOS before attempting a Vista or Windows 7 installation.


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