How to Fix a very slow Windows 7 installation

Whilst trying to install Windows 7 via USB Key Disk (find out how to install Windows 7 from USB Key Disk) I came across an odd and frustrating problem – once Windows 7 had booted into its setup routine, it went really, really, really slow. By slow, I mean minutes in between changing screen prompts.

Thinking the issue was USB based, I burned Windows 7 to a DVD and tried booting from that. Same issue, sllllllow installation.

The machine in question was based on a Asus P5B Motherboard, and so I went into the BIOS to do some digging around.

Asus P5B BIOS ScreenshotI noticed that within the BIOS, the option for a 1.44mb 3.5” Floppy Disk Drive was turned on – despite the fact the machine didn’t have a FDD.

I disabled the FDD, rebooted Windows 7 from USB Key Disk, and the installation started to fly by. 15 minutes later, I was running Windows 7.

I’ve seen this same sort of issue with Windows Vista installations as well, so the lesson here is – make sure you’ve turned off Floppy Disk Drives in the BIOS before attempting a Vista or Windows 7 installation.



  • Conscientious2022-04-17 14:40:28

    What should I do to fix my computer which says " BOOTMGR is compressed Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart. I tried to download windows 7 ultimate on my phone and later pit on a flash drive as a bootable USB and I tried to boot from USB but It is not loading files, please help me in whichever way you can🙏🙏🙏

  • Richard Tubb2022-01-20 11:40:06

    Thanks for sharing your findings!

  • esam2022-01-17 18:01:12

    in my case it was a usb 3 hub connected to the computer. the usb hub had only a usb mic connected to it. once the usb hub was disconnected windows installation became very fast.

  • Richard Tubb2021-11-04 08:11:39

    I'm happy to have helped, Gab. :-)

  • Gab2021-11-03 14:24:20


  • Richard Tubb2021-09-01 09:37:17

    Nuno - sorry to hear that. Let us know if you find a solution for your specific situation!

  • Nuno2021-08-22 12:42:08

    unfortunatly this doesn't work for all in my HP motherboard it takes 2 hours just to come to the first screen something about the instalation trying to access drives that dont exist I'm desperatly trying to find a way to burn the instalation image on the hard disk directly and skip the all instalation process

  • Richard Tubb2021-05-26 12:15:11

    My pleasure, Reeyaz! Glad I was able to help. :-)

  • Reeyaz Sheikh2021-05-25 06:54:25

    Thanks Man.... It is work and now i am able to installation. Thanks a Lot......

  • Richard Tubb2021-02-25 14:26:09

    You're welcome, Michael. :-)

  • Michael2021-02-24 19:32:04

    Thanks a lottttttt man you saved me

  • Richard Tubb2020-10-14 20:01:15

    Happy to have helped, Marwin! :-)

  • Marwin2020-10-12 21:13:05

    In 2020 old p5kpl mobo and still this issue...was goin crazy..thanx man alot!!!

  • Richard Tubb2018-12-16 18:48:42

    My pleasure! I'm glad it was useful. :-)

  • a2018-12-15 11:54:37

    Thank you so much !

  • Richard Tubb2018-11-29 15:48:34

    Thank you, Nasho! :-)

  • Nasho2018-11-27 13:22:41

    Worked well for me too.. Thank you Friend :)

  • Richard Tubb2018-08-07 11:10:15

    My pleasure! I'm glad the article was of help to you.

  • Canon Printer Support2018-08-07 09:15:11

    This was doing my head in I have to say thanks a million I also changed disks and USB nothing worked until I read this much appreciated your a great help saved me a ton of agro.

  • Richard Tubb2018-06-21 12:09:41

    My pleasure, Lucho! :-)

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