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I’ve been aware of Hamachi (recently acquired by LogMeIn) for some time. It is a software solution, and free, that allows you to connect multiple computers together in a Virtual Private Network like structure.

I’ve not tested Hamachi before now simply because here we run our own dedicated VPN server, and the majority of my customers also have some sort of Remote Access facilities, so there was no need for it’s features.

But I was recently on a client site for the day, wanting access to the e-mail server back at the office, but faced the problem of a flaky Internet connection. The VPN was dropping during Outlook Send/Receives, forcing me to close Outlook, re-connect the VPN, re-open Outlook and so on.

So it was Hamachi to the rescue. The original VPN connection held up long enough for me to install the Hamachi client on our File/Print Server – then on my laptop. 10 minutes later, I had a working VPN connection via Hamachi – and it seemed much more resilient to the flaky Internet connection than my “traditional” VPN client.

As for Security – well if it’s good enough for Steve Gibson, it’s good enough for me.

The always excellent LifeHacker has a good intro to Hamachi. Worth checking out.


  • Matt2006-10-19 04:37:57

    Check it out I shall!

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