How to Help Silver-Surfers with Internet Buttons

I’m a fan of the web-site WeAreWhatWeDo – a not-for-profit company that creates ways for millions of people to do more small, good things, helping address major social and environmental issues.

Screenshot of Internet ButtonsOne of their latest projects is Internet Buttons, a site aimed at making life easier for those who either don’t use the Internet or are perhaps just finding their way around the Internet.

I’ve mentioned before that my Mom, who’s retired and had never used a computer before, got on-line last year. Whilst she’s getting more web-savvy now, a tool like Internet buttons would still be very helpful to her as she explores on-line.

Screenshot of Internet Buttons Setup PageIndeed, anyone who has to provide the mandatory family Technical Support that comes with Parents and Grand-Parents getting on-line for the first time should find this tool useful! Smile

To set yourself up as a “mentor” and create a page for someone, just visit and get started for free!

I think this is a great example of a web-site that can really help get people on-line – well done to all involved in setting it up!



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