How to Prevent yourself being tagged in Facebook Photos


Sad Lady in Christmas HatIt’s that time of year again when the Christmas spirit comes to us all, seasonal parties are in full swing and alcohol is often in easy supply. With just about everybody owning a Camera phone of some sort, the opportunity for less than flattering pictures of you appearing on Facebook is also at its highest!

Personally, I’ve very little shame in what appears on my Facebook feed (as anyone who is friends with me on Facebook will attest to!) but I know that’s not the case for everyone and some friends have recently asked me for advice on how they can minimise the risk of others tagging them in photos they may not be comfortable with displaying to the world.

Preventing tagging

Therefore, here’s a guide on how to prevent photographs you are tagged in from appearing on your Facebook timeline for the world to see.

To allow others to continue to tag you in photographs, but for you to be notified and given the opportunity to allow or deny that tag *before* the picture appears on your Facebook profile – take the following steps:-

1. When logged into Facebook, click the the Cog button in the top right hand corner, then select Privacy Settings.

Facebook Privacy Settings Link

2. From the left hand menu, select Timeline and Tagging.

3. In the right hand panel, find the How can I manage tags people add and tagging suggestions? section.






4. Under the Review tags people add to your own posts before the tags appear on Facebook? change the option from Disabled to Enabled.

Facebook Timeline and Tagging








The next time somebody tags you in a photograph, before that photo appears on your Facebook profile timeline you’ll be given the chance to review that tag and either allow the tag (at which point the photo will appear on your profile) or deny the tag (at which point the photo will remain on your friends profile, but without your name tagged within it).


As it stands there is no way to prevent yourself from being tagged in Facebook photos altogether – but at least using this method you get to control who sees photographs on your timeline.


Photo used courtesy of J Sedg under Creative Commons license.


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