How to use the HTC HD2 Water Damage Indicator


To be filed under “Every day is a School Day!”.

During a chat about Mobile ‘Phones, my good friend Matt Barton over at Ostrich IT pointed out to me that my HTC HD2 mobile ‘phone was showing the “Water Damage Indicator” on its battery.

This was news to me, as I didn’t know such an indicator existed! A quick Google Seach shows that most ‘phones now feature this indicator, which turns from White to Red if the ‘phone suffers “Water Damage”.

As seen in the image below, the battery on the left has a White indicator – and so is ok. The battery on the right has a Red indicator, which shows water damage.

HTC HD2 Batteries with Water Damage Indicators

I’ve certainly not let my HD2 get wet, but as the spare battery that is affected lives in my laptop bag – I guess it could easily have gotten damp at some point.


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