How to add Missing Holidays in Outlook 2007

Here in the UK we get two Bank Holidays during May – which the majority of British citizens see as an opportunity to sit in hundred mile long Traffic Jams on the Motorway as they try in vain to visit the seaside, but the more enlightened amongst us grasp as an opportunity to go out socialising on a Sunday night as well as the preceding Saturday and Friday, safe in the knowledge that we still have a whole Monday without work to recover relax on.

Anyway, whichever country you are in, it’s handy to have these holidays displayed on your Outlook Calendar so that you don’t turn up to work when you could be hungover relaxing.

To make sure these holidays are displayed, from within Outlook 2007 go to Tools > Options > Calendar Options > Add Holidays. Select your country (or countries) and click Ok. Voila! Never miss a lie in again!

If you’re using any other version of Outlook, then you can find similar instructions on how to add your national holidays over at the excellent Outlook Tips web-site.

If you’re a Brit, then enjoy your Spring Bank Holiday this Monday! šŸ™‚

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