How To Use “Predictive Text” in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word

Microsoft WordA client today asked me if it was possible to have “predictive text” within Microsoft Word. What he was trying to do was start to begin typing a sentence he regularly types – say his address, “26 Thisisalong Street Name”, but for Word to recognise he was typing this and fill the rest in automatically, saving his overworked fingers and reducing his risk of RSI! šŸ™‚

The solution I gave him was to use Word’s AutoCorrect feature. If you’re a Microsoft Word user, you’ll have already seen Autocorrect. Try typing “tehm” (without the quotes) into Microsoft Word and you’ll notice a squiggly red line appear under it. Right-click that line, and Word useful suggests that you may have actually meant to type “them” instead, correcting it for you automatically.

Using Autocorrect for Frequently Used Text

But as well as correcting mis-spelled words, AutoCorrect can be used to enter shortcuts for frequently used text:-

  1. Open Microsoft Word and click the Microsoft Office icon found in the top left hand corner
  2. Select “Word Options” from the bottom of the menu
  3. Click “Proofing”, then “AutoCorrect Options”
  4. In the “Replace Text as you type” enter a shortcut – for example, I might enter #rt to automatically fill in the word “Richard Tubb”
  5. Enter as many shortcuts as you like. When you are finished, click “Ok” to end

Voila! The next time you type your new Shortcut Code, Word automatically fills in the rest!

This can be handy for automatically entering long repeatedly used URL’s, addresses, anything you don’t like to type again and again!

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