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I’m often asked for my opinion of the tools of the trade for Managed Service Providers. Which RMM tool do I recommend? What do I think of this PSA  versus that PSA product? What Mail Filtering vendor would I use?

The fact is, I’ve got experience using many of the tools available to MSP’s – and have my own preferred products and vendors amongst them. I will happily share my opinion on what I think the pro’s and con’s are of all the tools I’m aware of are, but when offering this opinion to somebody looking at investing in such a tool for their Managed Service Practice, I always suggest they speak to their peers for feedback also.

Nothing beats hearing the real-world feedback of other businesses in a similar position to your own.


MSPComparison.com LogoWith that thought in mind, I’m delighted to have been asked to be a part of the Managed Service Expert Panel over at MSPComparison.com, a site that I hope will help to educate MSP’s about the options for tools available to them.

MSPcomparison.com is intended to be an independent product directory site, which provides Managed Service Providers the ability to compare and contrast solutions from user ratings and reviews.

James Fletcher

The site was founded by James Fletcher, who is an employee of CentraStage, themselves an MSP Vendor. After speaking with a lot of MSP’s across the UK, and understanding their need to research and evaluate the products they need within their business, James decided he would setup the site to help MSP’s find the right solution – even if it isn’t the solution he’s selling!

I wouldn’t have agreed to contribute to the site myself if I didn’t think it was vendor neutral – and so far we’ve had reviews of all manner of products from contributors – speaking openly and honestly about the products they use, and like… or dislike!

The site is community driven, so the more members who join and participate, the more useful the site is to all.

If you’re an MSP of any shape or size – check out MSPComparison.com and get involved!



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