Talking about U3 KeyDisks

I’ve been using my U3 KeyDisk for a while now and have found myself very pleased with the results.

The ability to have Firefox for web-browsing, complete with all my bookmarks, Thunderbird to read e-mails, plus being able to securely store all my documents in case I lose or have the KeyDisk stolen, all get a thumbs up.

With the recent developments at airports over hand luggage, the ability to take one small device with most of your work on becomes even more useful. Why trust a laptop to the baggage staff when you can take a solid-state memory device that is much more resiliant?

This very idea was discussed in U3’s new Blog.

If you’ve not got a U3 Device yet, and travel even a bit – for a £30 investment in a 1gig device it’s worth looking into.



  • Matt2006-09-01 02:56:31

    I'm not the biggest traveller in the world, in fact my last trip (to the Jolly ol' Isle) was pre-the latest air issues, BUT , I must admit this sounds like a fine idea. I have a 2.5" laptop-style HDD that I cray around with me, with firefox etc. on it, but maybe I'll trial one of these?   good follow-up to a past blog my man!

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