Microsoft ServerQuest

Microsoft ServerQuest

Microsoft ServerQuestIf you’re looking to waste half an hour of your Friday (or more!) with some silly gaming, then go take a look at ServerQuest from Microsoft. It’s a fun game presented in the style of an old 80’s 8-bit computer game such as Skool Daze.

For a retro gamer like myself (who am I kidding – I practically still live in the 1980’s…) it’s great fun!



  • Richard2008-07-20 13:23:43

    Only an hour Beatrice? By my reckoning a Technet Plus subscription will save an IT Pro hundreds of pounds in saved troubleshooting time each year, but playing this game will lose them thousands of hours of productive time - wiping out that saving! :-)

  • Bea2008-07-19 17:24:14

    Thanks Richard, I just spend like an hour playing this! pretty neat idea by the team, makes it fun :)

  • Richard2008-07-18 15:53:10

    If you miss Skool Daze and Back to Skool - then take a look at Klass of '99 for the PC!

  • Matt2008-07-18 15:38:26

    Skool Daze was the greatest game ever to grace a cassette tape!

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