AVG Free to be retired? Don’t believe it!

I’m back in the UK from the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, and although suffering a little from a screwed up body clock (my working hours Monday consisted of 2am-5am, 1pm-7pm) I’m slowly getting back to work and putting ideas garnered in Houston into action.

One of the e-mails waiting in my inbox was from a friend the other day who asked:-

“A colleague mentioned AVG Free Edition won’t be available after the end of this month. Is this true? And where do I get legal free virus checkers if this is the case.”

The answer is a definite “NO” – AVG Free Edition is not going to be withdrawn!

The confusion here may arise over the fact that users of AVG Free v7 users need to upgrade to AVG Free v8 to continue to receive updates in some situations, but AVG v8 Free remains… well… free!

AVG v8 Free Edition is a free Anti-Virus solution strictly for Home and Non-Commercial Use only. If you’re using it in a business, then you’ll need to buy a licensed copy of one of AVG’s other products – but they are very reasonably priced and an excellent choice for Anti-Virus protection if budget is tight.

So why upgrade to a paid-for edition of AVG if you’re a home user? Well, the free edition is quite literally basic protection from Viruses. If you use a Web-Based E-Mail solution (Hotmail, Yahoo, Google Mail, etc) and just do the occasional web-browsing, then AVG Free is for you. If you download your e-mails for reading off-line, need more advanced control over your AV settings, or are a gamer, then I’d recommend investing in a paid-for version of one of AVG’s solutions as they offer features you’ll benefit from.

You can continue to download AVG Free Edition – and long may that continue!


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