Bye Bye BT Home Highway

BT have announced that they are to scrap their consumer ISDN service, reports PC Pro Magazine.

Before ADSL and Cable Broadband connections were prevalant, ISDN (and the “Home Highway” service in particular) was a godsend to those of us lumbered with POTS dial-up connections (which was just about everyone back then!).

Although 64kbps (128kbps “bonded”) doesn’t sound a lot compared to todays 8mb+ connections, the “instant on” style of ISDN connection and faster-than-dial-up speeds began to open many eyes to what would be possible in the future with an “always on” connection.

With the near blanket broadband coverage now available in the UK, such consumer ISDN services simply aren’t needed anymore – although I’m waiting for stories from some rural communities where broadband isn’t available and ISDN is still used…

Goodbye “Home Highway”, we may not miss you when you go, but we’re glad you were around back in the day.

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