A First Look at the Datto and Autotask Story – The 2018 Tour

Datto and Autotask

Datto and Autotask mergerOne of the biggest Managed Service Provider (MSP) industry stories of late-2017 was the news that Datto and Autotask were to merge.

Autotask is one of the market’s leading Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) companies and has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, opening rapidly growing offices in a number of countries.

Datto is the leading provider of data protection solutions in the Small & Medium-sized business space, and as part of its phenomenal growth has recently added a line of impressive managed networking products for MSPs.

The Datto and Autotask merger

Datto was acquired in October 2017 by Vista Equity Partners, an investment firm focused on software, data and technology-enabled businesses. Vista already owned Autotask after acquiring them in June 2014. The result of the acquisitions will be a single company focused on providing MSPs with IT business management and data protection solutions.

We already know that after joining forces, Datto has announced a new executive team. Datto CEO and Founder, Austin McChord, will head the company. The existing Datto senior management team will be joined by Patrick Burns, Vice President of Product Management, and Adam Stewart, Senior Vice President of Engineering, both formerly of Autotask.

But what does the merger/acquisition mean for existing customers, IT Solution Providers, MSPs and the wider-industry?

We’re about to get our first look…

The Datto and Autotask First Look Tour

Datto and Autotask First Look TourSenior VP & General Manager International at Autotask, Mark Banfield, has given me the heads-up on a series of events Datto and Autotask are putting together.

Datto and Autotask are hitting the road in 2018 to meet MSPs and to provide an opportunity to hear about the Datto and Autotask story.

Join fellow Datto and Autotask partners as the newly merged company showcases their latest solutions, offers attendees the chance to ask questions, and have a beer with the team afterwards.

Datto and Autotask First Look Tour Schedule

  • The Datto & Autotask Vision: the first look at this newly combined, MSP-centric company.
  • Product Update: Get up-to-speed on the newest releases and features your techs (and your bottom line) will love
    • Datto Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
    • Autotask Professional Services Automation & Endpoint Management
    • Datto Networking and SaaS Protection
  • MSP to MSP: Hear from fellow Datto/Autotask partners, share pain points, and return home with field-tested tips for success.
  • The Ransomware Opportunity: Dive deep into the growing epidemic and best practices for protecting clients in 2018 (and beyond).

Datto and Autotask First Look Tour Locations & Dates

26 February Bruges LEARN MORE
28 February Drachten LEARN MORE
02 March Houten LEARN MORE
06 March Helsinki LEARN MORE
07 March Stockholm LEARN MORE
08 March Oslo LEARN MORE
09 March Copenhagen LEARN MORE
26 March Dublin LEARN MORE
27 March Edinburgh LEARN MORE
29 March London LEARN MORE
19 April München LEARN MORE
24 April Manchester LEARN MORE
01 May Johannesburg LEARN MORE
03 May Cape Town LEARN MORE
15 May Köln LEARN MORE
05 June Paris LEARN MORE
07 June Milan LEARN MORE

More dates are coming soon. Keep an eye on and sign up to register for any of the dates at www.autotask.com/firstlook.

I’ll be attending the 27th March event in Edinburgh and reporting back there. See you there?

What do you think?

If you’re attending any of the above tour dates yourself, drop me a line after the event to let me know your thoughts.

How do you think the @Datto and @Autotask merger will affect you? Find out in the First Look. Click to Tweet

Is this a good thing for MSPs and the wider-industry? Leave a comment below or contact me and let me know.

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