Googlezon – The Future of the Internet?

Matt Barton has sent me a link to an interesting (and I found slightly un-nerving!) video speculating on the future of the Internet in 2015.



  • Richard2006-01-12 09:25:54

    There's no denying that in a short space of time Google seem to have started providing services to cover lots of interesting areas. I already use their "Blog Search" capability every day for instance, in addition to the Personalised homepage they offer.Is this a bad thing? Well at the moment I think it's a good thing - nobody else is providing those services! But at what cost for the future?

  • Matt2006-01-12 00:34:51

    This is actually pretty old now (I saw it last year.) I didn't sit through all of it this time, so I don't know if they've updated it, or if it's the same content I've already seen. Anyway, the really crazy thing is how far Google has already come!

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