I made the MSPmentor 250 list for 2011!

I made the MSPMentor 250!

The fourth edition of the MSPmentor 250 list has been released, and for the second year in a row I’m honoured to have found myself included!

I am particularly proud to be included this year as 2011 is the year I stepped outside my comfort zone of being an MSP owner, selling that business and taking on a new challenge – working with other Managed Service Providers within the industry instead. It’s been a really big change for me.


I’m also very pleased to see a lot of my fellow Brits being included in this years list, including Lee Evans across at Vital and Paul Tomlinson at Mirus IT. All three richly deserve their spots after having a phenomenal twelve months.

What is the MSPmentor 250?

If you work within the IT industry and are not aware of the of the MSPmentor web-site – then it’s a fantastic resource to keep up to date on what’s happening in the Managed Services industry. It really is one of the “must read” web-sites in our space.

Each year the folks at Nine Lives Media, who run the MSPmentor web-site, put out the MSPmentor 250 list. To quote from Nine Lives Media themselves:-

“Each year, the MSPmentor 250 identifies the world’s top managed services experts, entrepreneurs and executives — including professionals who have mastered business leadership, marketing, sales, technology, coaching and other areas within the managed services market.

In order to be considered for the MSPmentor 250, members had to be nominated during our survey — which ran from May through July 23, 2010. We narrowed down the list based on specific achievements (“Jane Doe increased her company’s recurring revenue by 50 percent”) rather than feel-good statements (“John Doe is a smart industry leader”).


Thank-you to those who nominated me, and for those who got in touch to let me know the good news – I really appreciate it.

When I read the names on the list, many of whom I make no bones about admitting I greatly admire and look up to, I’m still flabbergasted to be included – flabbergasted but chuffed. Smile


  • tubblog2011-08-10 20:34:45

    Thanks James - appreciate it! :-)

  • James T Fletcher (@JamesTFletcher)2011-08-10 17:58:12

    Absolutely fantastic news and very well deserved! Well done Mr. Tubb!

  • tubblog2011-08-10 09:07:52

    Thanks Jakob! :-)

  • Jakob Thusgaard2011-08-09 20:10:42

    Well done - congratulations!

  • tubblog2011-08-08 13:46:08

    Cheers guys - much appreciated!

  • tubblog2011-08-08 13:45:34

    Thanks Andy! It was a nice surprise! :-)

  • Maildistiller (@maildistiller)2011-08-08 12:30:54

    Well done Richard from all at Maildistiller, well deserved!

  • Andy Parkes2011-08-08 11:33:41


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