I made the MSPMentor 250 for 2010!

I made the MSPMentor 250!

I’ve enjoyed a week off work this week, relaxing and trying my best to avoid anything work related. There are some messages you can’t help but notice though, such as one’s that say “Congratulations!” and “Well done” – these types of work related messages I don’t mind opening!

Thanks to everyone who has got in touch with congratulations for my inclusion in the MSPMentor 250 – I’m not quite sure how I made the list alongside names such as Karl Palachuk, Dave Sobel, Jamison West, Arlin Sorensen and so many others that I look up to and have learnt so much from, but I’m honoured to be included!

If you’re not aware of it, the MSPMentor web-site is arguably the premier source of news for what is happening in the world of IT Managed Services. It is run by Nine Lives Media, and each year – with 2010 being the third year of publication – Joe Panettieri and the team at Nine Lives compile a list of 250 executives, entrepreneurs, experts, coaches and community leaders shaping the global managed services market.

In order to be considered for the MSPmentor 250, members had to be nominated during a survey — which ran from May through July 23, 2010. Nine Lives narrowed down the list based on specific achievements (“Jane Doe increased her company’s recurring revenue by 50 percent”) rather than feel-good statements (“John Doe is a smart industry leader”).

Therefore many thanks to those of you who nominated me in such a fashion – I’m genuinely honoured and really appreciate that you took the time to do so.

The list is presented alphabetically, there are no rankings to it, and you can go and grab the full list from https://www.mspmentor.net/top-250-people/ . Registration is required, but as I said, if you’re involved in Managed Services then MSPMentor is a site you *should* register for anyway for it’s great news content.

Later today (20th August), the MSPmentor 250 list will allow members to be sorted in new ways, including by company name, area of specialty, region and so forth – so this should allow you to see who are consider leaders in your particular geographic region, area of expertise, etc.

As with all all such lists, there are probably some very deserving names missing, and it’s always arguable who should be included or not, but regardless, I’m honoured to have both been nominated and to have made the cut for the final 250– it’s definitely helped make my week off work even more enjoyable! 🙂


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