Introducing TotallyMSP – The source for European MSP news

European MSP News

European MSP NewsHave you visited TotallyMSP – the recently launched source for European MSP news?

TotallyMSP is a new website created by my friend Chris Tate. Chris is a very well known and respected figure within the UK Managed Service Provider (MSP) scene, having been involved in running and growing several MSP’s and being an active member of the MSP community here.

What is TotallyMSP?

Chris Tate
Chris Tate of TotallyMSP

Launched in July 2015, TotallyMSP is a website that has been built for MSP’s — specifically those in the UK and Europe.

Chris tells me that the goal of TotallyMSP is to become the de-facto resource for European MSP’s, featuring the latest news that affects European MSP businesses, as well as offering advice and articles that can help European MSP’s execute on their growth plans.

Advice for MSP’s

Since it’s launch, TotallyMSP has already featured a number of really interesting blog posts by noted experts in the MSP industry (and me…). Check out these valuable reads:-

Receiving European MSP news

TotallyMSPYou can stay up to date with all the latest MSP news and advice with

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TotallyMSP on LinkedIn

… and if you don’t want to miss an article then I’d recommend subscribing to the TotallyMSP email newsletter by visiting and clicking the “Register for Newsletter” button at the top of the page.

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Go TotallyMSP!

I wish Chris all the very best with TotallyMSP. It’s a welcome new resource for the growing MSP market and I’ve no doubt it will be a success.

If you’re an MSP then you’ll want to follow TotallyMSP.


  • Chris Tate2015-07-19 14:02:54

    Thanks for the kind words Richard. We are trying to build something that will be good for the MSP community in Europe. I would love it if your readers could check us out. (Any feedback welcomed) Have a good day all, Chris

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