Tubbservatory Round-Up #1 – January 2022

Tubbservatory Round Up 1 January

Tubbservatory Round-Up – What is it?Tubbservatory Round Up 1 January

Each week Richard throws a spotlight on five resources MSP business owners should take note of in the IT industry.

The Tubbseratory is a weekly video broadcast featuring useful articles, podcasts and events that bring value to IT business owners.

This round-up is a collection of those broadcasts, edited together for you to watch at your convenience.  In addition, the items are summarised below, with links to the resources mentioned in the video.

In this month’s episode, we see resources on cybersecurity, the alternative cloud and MSP key performance indicators.


Tubbservatory Round-Up #1 January 2022 Video


Tubbservatory Round-Up #1: January – Week 3

#1 Which KPIs Should I Measure

Doron Ben Cohen of Atera recent published a guest article on Channel E2E, which references a recent Tubbtalk where Richard Tubb interviewed Todd Kane.

In the article, Doron mentions his top three tips:

Firstly, start with SLAs. Secondly, measure by metrics not by gut feeling.  And finally, define the different types of KPIs you should measure as an MSP.

You can find that Tubbtalk here.

#2 The MSPs Guide to Modern Cloud Infrastructure E-book

Linode‘s latest e-book – The MSPs Guide to Modern Cloud Infrastructure lifts the lid on the alternatives to the big three cloud providers: Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

In the book, it reveals the alternative cloud as a growing market segment.  And the opportunities within are not to be dismissed.

Get the e-book here.

#3 Total Economic Impact Report on MSPs

Pax8 have released a new report conducted by Forrester Consulting.  The report studied the total economic impact of Pax8 technologies and operations on MSP businesses.

The findings demonstrate why you should choose the right partners for your IT business.  It’s worth a read, because these decisions can mean the difference between scraping by and achieving success in a competitive market.  In other words, who you work with can affect your bottom line.

#4 The IT Experts Podcast – Discussing the Future of MSP Business

On his IT Experts Podcast, Ian Luckett interviewed Jason Kemsley of Uptime Solutions about the future of MSP Business.

The subjects included:

  • Automation
  • The latest technology
  • The shape of leadership in 2022 and beyond.

The podcast is available to listen to here.

#5 SuperOps host their SuperSummit

Mark Crall of SuperOps.ai highlighted what to expect in the forthcoming SuperSummit.

Our own Richard Tubb was amongst the speakers featured at the event.

Mark said: “We’re going to talk about the biggest challenges in operating an MSP.  Whether it’s getting it to scale, whether it’s doing your QBRs, whether it’s things to avoid, things to learn…”

At the SuperSummit we're going to talk about the biggest challenges in operating an MSP. - Mark Crall, SuperOps Click to Tweet

If you missed the event, you can watch the SuperSummit replay here.

Tubbservatory Round-Up


 Tubbservatory Round-Up #1: January – Week 4

#1 Security – The Foundation of a Relationship between MSPs and their Customers

Clive Longbottom‘s article on SmarterMSP.com provides some useful insights into why security is so important in establishing a foundation between MSPs and their clients.

In other words, the article highlights the need for effective communication between business partners.  As well as the importance of trust in these relationships, in order to prevent breaches.

You can read the full article here.

#2 Sophos 2022 Threat Report

Giacom highlights the latest cybersecurity threat report from Sophos.  For instance, it reveals how cyber criminals are using ever-more sophisticated methods to steal your data.  However, it also shows us how to mitigate against these threats.

Some of the topics covered in the report, include:

  • Cobalt Strike Malware Emulation
  • Hybrid attacks
  • Pressure Tactics

#3 The MSP 2022 Growth Survey

Zomentum and Wingman have teamed up to produce the MSP 2022 Growth Survey.

If you want to participate, the survey is well-worth a few minutes of your time.  The survey hopes to highlight the trends occurring in the MSP industry today.

Once the whole survey has been completed, the findings are to be shared with the participants.

#4 CoreTech Acquires its Second Data Centre

Alternative cloud providers CoreTech have announced its second data centre at the Supernap in Italy.

As a result, all CoreTech services are now Tier 4 certified.

#5 CompTIA’s UK Business Technology Community Reaches 10 Year Milestone

Happy Birthday to the CompTIA UK Business Technology Community.

The UK Business Technology Community all started ten years ago.  It all began when a small group of UK-based MSPs got together in a room in Birmingham, to discuss the issues affecting them.

However, despite those humble beginnings, the community has flourished.  And as a result, the UK Business Technology Community is a well-respected resource for MSP businesses.

Tubbservatory Round-Up #1 - January 2022

How You Can Help

That’s all from the Tubbservatory Round-Up #1 January 2022.

If you’ve recently come across any useful resources that Richard might be interested in, please let us know in the comments.


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