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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Every Friday I try to share one of my favourite finds of the week – a web-site, tool or app that has impressed me.
My Friday Favourite this week is 15Five – Employee Engagement Software.

What is it?

15Five is a tool that automates weekly check-ins between managers and their employees.

Employees take 15 minutes a week to answer simple questions via a survey. Managers then take 5 minutes to read, respond & take action.

How can it help me?

It helps with the performance of employees, managers and your entire business or organisation by consistently asking engaging questions and starting conversations. It helps you encourage employees to tell you what they’ve accomplished, where they are struggling, how they are feeling and more.

15Five Employee Engagement


15Five Employee Engagement

15Five can help you uncover problems, discover ideas and stayed tuned with employee morale.

How much does it cost?

15Five starts at $50/month for a 10 person organisation.

How can I get it?

You can start a free trial of 15five with no credit card required.

You can also find 15Five on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

Thanks to Michael Freeman of Southern IT for the recommendation!


  • Connor Addis2017-06-06 21:27:56

    15 Five is a great tool for employment engagement. I use it in my marketing agency to improve communication between account managers and marketing specialists.

  • Richard Tubb2016-11-10 19:27:44

    All credit to Michael Freeman of Southern IT for the 15Five suggestion! :-)

  • Response IT2016-10-23 17:25:02

    Thanks for this link of 15Five-will be useful for the company

  • Richard Tubb2016-07-22 18:25:17

    Thanks for the feedback Manidipa!

  • Manidipa2016-07-12 18:55:09

    15Five seems to be a great employee engagement tool. Can be really effective in managing and engaging the employees. Thanks for the share Richard.

  • Richard Tubb2016-05-06 15:42:41

    Bruce -- thanks for the feedback and link to OfficeVibe. It looks very useful! I appreciate you sharing!

  • Richard Tubb2016-05-06 15:41:46

    Glad to hear 15five is working well for you! Thanks for the feedback.

  • Bruce Penson2016-04-28 21:19:13

    Great tip Richard / Michael. We use Office Vibe (www.officevibe.com) - looks to be very similar and has had great engagement in our business!

  • @meFACTOR2016-04-27 18:03:17

    15five is a good tool for any company. I appreciate the idea of being able to have a good follow up on the productivity of each employee. This helps keep track of who is benefiting or costing the company and having knowledge of problems that employees face. This tool works really great in IT marketing and would recommend it for managing its employees.

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