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Cool stuff I’ve found this week:-

Audiense (formerly SocialBro) – make the most of Twitter – showing you when best to Tweet, who you’re influenced by and influence, and much more.

Any cool content or tools to share with me? Contact me and if I feature them in my blog, I’ll be sure to give you credit!

Have a great weekend! Smile


  • Richard Tubb2012-05-29 14:31:58

    Jakob - the "best time to Tweet" features links into BufferApp too. Very cool! Allowing that time to be determined by when certain influencers is on-line is a great idea! I'd encourage you to share it with the SocialBro team at!/SocialBro

  • Jakob Thusgaard2012-05-29 08:59:10

    Testing out SocialBro. Especially time to tweet seems like an interesting feature. Curious to see if that just works with current followers or you can select people who are generally influenced by certain keywords (cause that would be REALLY interesting).

  • Richard Tubb2012-05-25 13:54:26

    Thanks Owen, and I see you spotted on Twitter that I've moved to Hootsuite! I'm a long time Tweetdeck user, but it's recent acquisition by Twitter has seen in plummet in features and quality. I'm hoping Hootsuite will be a great replacement!

  • Owen2012-05-25 12:32:03

    Richard, Good stuff SocialBro interesting, thanks I did not know about that one. Good Luck with Hootsuite

  • Richard Tubb2012-05-25 08:45:17

    Barnaby - I'm aware (and actively use) Buffer App - which is awesome, but I'd not heard of Collusion before. I'm off to check it out now, thanks!

  • Barnaby Wood2012-05-25 08:15:07

    Hi Richard - hope you're well. Long time. No doubt you seen the "Collusion" plug in for firefox that Gary Kovacs referred to on TED? Shows how websites you don't even visit are tracking you online. I also really like Buffer App - which allows you to 'buffer' Twitter posts rather than subjecting followers to an avalanche of retweets when you get online - problem for many. I'm checking out SocialBro right now. Cheers

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