Content Planning Toolkit – Plan Content That Drives Traffic

Content Planning Toolkit - Plan Content That Drives Traffic

Content Planning Toolkit - Plan Content That Drives TrafficIf you use content marketing for your business (and if not, why not?) then you’ll know the challenges with planning content that drives traffic. What you need is a content planning toolkit!

Every Friday I share one of my favourite finds of the week — a website, tool or an app that has impressed me.

My Friday Favourite this week is the Content Planning Toolkit – Plan Content That Drives Traffic.

What is it?

The Content Planning Toolkit is a bite-sized course that helps you break down the topics you need to cover to get leads from your content.

The course is supported by a fill-in-the-blanks content matrix and a content planning cheat sheet.

How much does it cost?

The Content Planning Toolkit costs $27 ex VAT.

Why use a Content Planning Toolkit?

If you’re running any type of business, then you should be embracing content marketing to educate and intrigue your audience.

My friend Gudrun Lauret wrote about Why Great Quality Content is Invaluable for IT Companies and this applies to any business that wants to attract leads via blog posts, podcasts, videos or social media.

But most businesses who get started with content marketing tell me they aren’t sure what to create content about!

Other businesses (like my own) who have embraced content marketing, can easily get overwhelmed with planning the type of content to produce.

This is where the Content Planning Toolkit from the team at Jammy Digital comes in.

The Toolkit is a bite-sized course that breaks down exactly what topics you need to cover to get leads from your content.

By using the toolkit, you’ll stop wasting time producing content that doesn’t get you the desired results.

The Content Planning ToolkitThe mini-course covers the 5 key topics that businesses need to cover in their content marketing. These topics, when done well, lead to better search engine rankings, more leads and sales.

In addition to the course, the toolkit includes a fill-in-the-blanks content matrix.

This matrix helps you avoid thinking up content ideas week-to-week, and enables you to create a strategy for you to plan a year’s worth of content that can generate leads for your business.

Other bonus material included in the Content Planning Toolkit includes:-

  • An individual content planning cheat sheet, to help you hit your goals with every piece of content.
  • A progress tracker to help you follow your success with blog posts, podcasts and videos.
  • A series of checklists for blogging, videos and podcasts.
  • A template for a content planning Trello board.

I’ve written before on the benefits of blogging for business, so if you’ve not embraced content marketing yet, this toolkit is the ideal way to get started.

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How can I get it?

Visit the Content Planning Toolkit page to sign-up.

You can also follow the creators of the toolkit, Jammy Digital, on Twitter @Jammy_Digital, or visit the Facebook Jammy Digital page.

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