Curve – Combine all your Debit and Credit Cards into one card

Curve - Combine all your Credit Cards into one card

Curve - Combine all your Credit Cards into one cardEvery Friday I share one of my favourite finds of the week — a website, tool or an app that has impressed me.

My Friday Favourite this week is Curve – Combine all your Debit and Credit Cards into one card.

What is it?

Curve connects all of your credit (and debit) cards into a single card and app.

How can it help me?

How many credit or debit cards do you have? I have half a dozen, including a bank account debit card, two personal credit cards, a business account card and a business credit card.

Curve allows you to securely connect all of those cards into a single credit card. Via the Curve app, you can then choose which of your credit cards the Curve card represents when you next use it.

So if you’re purchasing a coffee in a business meeting, set your Curve card to your business credit card. The Curve card will remain your business credit card until you change it via the app.

When you’re buying groceries at the supermarket later that day, set your Curve card to your personal credit card. The Curve card will register the purchases against your personal credit card.

If you’ve charged a purchase to the wrong credit card via Curve, you can go back and reallocate the payment to the correct credit card afterwards.

Curve allows you to securely connect all your credit cards into one so you only have to carry a single card. Click to Tweet

As well as allowing you to carry a single credit card which can be used as any of your credit or debit cards, the Curve app gives you instant updates on purchases made with your Curve card. You’ll spot unauthorised charges instantly and be able to freeze the card from within the Curve app.

Curve also allows you to travel without any hidden currency fees. The Curve card allows you to make purchases via your own credit and debit cards but charges no fees when used for foreign transactions.

How much does it cost?

Curve is free to use.

How can I get it?

Curve - Combine all your Credit Cards into one cardTo apply for a Curve card, click here.

Free £5! If you use my referral code of IUPWR when signing up, both your account and my account will be credited with £5 when you make your first transaction.

You can find out more about Curve at the Curve homepage.

You can also visit the Curve Facebook page, or follow @ImagineCurve on Twitter.

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  • Richard Tubb2019-04-06 09:11:46

    Harry -- thanks for the feedback. I haven't experienced any hefty monthly fees myself (I've been using the card for over a year now) but I'll definitely be checking out the Tandem card you suggested. Thanks!

  • Harry Felix2019-04-05 10:43:01

    It's a great idea, but the free transactions are very limited unless you pay a hefty monthly fee. Note you only get 0% FX on certain days, and only up to £500 a month. If you go over this, Curve can charge a whopping 4.5% - i.e. 50% more than any other card on the market - depending on which country you're in and what day it is. Have you looked at Tandem for personal use? They seem much simpler - no variable fees, no limits, no FX charges - and 0.5% of the amount spent credited to your bill every month. So they seem to be 0.5%-5% cheaper than Curve.

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