diskAshur2 – The Fort Knox of Hard Drives!

DiskAshur2 - Tubblog Friday Favoutites by Richard Tubb

I think the diskAshur2 is the Fort Knox of hard drives!DiskAshur2 - Tubblog Friday Favoutites by Richard Tubb

If you store personal data on a portable hard drive, then you should encrypt the contents of that drive. If you don’t use encryption, then the data on the disk could easily fall into the wrong hands.

Every Friday I share one of my favourite finds of the week — a website, tool or an app that has impressed me.

My Friday Favourite this week is diskAshur2 – a PIN authenticated portable hard drive.

How much does the diskAshur2 cost?

The diskAshur2 range starts from £129.

A 1TB diskAshur2 USB 3.1 secure portable encrypted hard drive costs £210.

diskAshur2 – Secure Portable Encrypted Hard Drive

diskAshur2 - The Fort Knox of Hard DrivesI’ve taken a look at the iStorage encrypted drive range before, when I reviewed the iStorage DataShur – PIN Encrypted USB Flash Drive.

The diskAshur2 is the big brother to the DataShur range. It’s a PIN authenticated portable drive that uses military-grade hardware encryption.

This means it’s the Fort Knox of Hard Drives!

It is ultra-secure but easy to use. Unlike solutions such as Microsoft’s Bitlocker, the diskAshur2 requires no software and is compatible with any operating system.

It uses a USB 3.1 connection. To use the drive, you simply enter a PIN on the physical numeric keyboard that is built-in to the hard drive case. The drive is then unlocked and you can plug it into any device to read the data.

If you yank the diskAshur2 out of a connected computer, the data is locked again until you re-enter your PIN.

You can set your PIN to a unique 7-15 digit number. If you’re an IT department or Managed Service Provider (MSPs, then you can set independent user and admin PIN codes on the device. This means that if the user forgets their PIN, the administrator can help the user create a new PIN.

I see the physical aspect of the diskAshur2’s numeric PIN keyboard as a great offering for IT businesses. Software-based encryption tools need setting up across multiple computers. The diskAshur2 uses a security method in a PIN that everybody is familiar with and requires little training.

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How can I get it?

The diskAshur2 range is available from Amazon. iStorage diskAshur2 HDD 1 TB - Secure Portable Hard Drive - Password Protected, Dust/Water-Resistant, Hardware Encryption IS-DA2-256-1000-B 

You can find more details about the diskAshur2 range at the iStorage homepage.

You can also follow @iStorage_Ltd on Twitter, check out the iStorage LinkedIn page, or visit the iStorage Facebook page.

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