Emma – The Financial Dashboard that helps you save money

emma - Friday Favourites with Richard Tubb

Every Friday I share one of my favourite finds of the week — a website, tool or an app that has impressed me.

My Friday Favourite this week is Emma – The Financial Dashboard that helps you save money.

What is it?

Emma is a financial dashboard that pulls together all your personal financial transactions in one place.

With MoneySuperMarket.com retiring Ontrees in April 2018, Emma is my new go-to personal finance dashboard.

How can it help me?

You can connect Emma to your bank account and credit cards — all using bank-grade encryption — to collect transaction information in read-only mode.

Emma connects to banks such as Monzo – The new UK-based Bank of the Future (which I’m a big fan of!) and is adding new bank connections all the time.

Once connected, Emma helps you by offering advice that can help you avoid overdrafts, find wasteful subscriptions, pay off your debt and start saving money.

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Emma – The Financial Dashboard that helps you save money.For instance, Emma can highlight subscriptions (such as magazines, streaming media, insurances, etc) that you either never asked for or have forgotten about, and help you cancel them to save money wastefully leaving your bank account.

Emma can also help you keep track of debt repayments, and at the end of each month, makes a suggestion on what you can afford to save too.

How much does it cost?

Emma is free to use.

How can I get it?

Emma Financial DashboardYou can sign up to Emma by visiting https://emma-app.com/

Emma is available as an app for Android and Apple iOS devices.

There is currently a waiting list to join Emma, and I have a small number of Golden Ticket invitations I can share with readers of Tubblog. If you’re interested in jumping the queue and using Emma straight away, drop me a Tweet @tubblog mentioning @emma_finance.

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You can also visit the Emma Facebook page, follow @emma_finance on Twitter, or follow Emma Finance on Instagram.

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  • Richard Tubb2018-03-22 11:49:32

    Thanks, Dan! Enjoy Emma and do share a link when you've covered Emma on your own blog.

  • Dan2018-03-19 23:48:12

    Great article...I need Emma in my life! I think we will cover too. Dan https://rainmakrr.com

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