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Email Overload

Email OverloadEvery Friday I try to share one of my favourite finds of the week – a web-site, tool or app that has impressed me.

My Friday Favourite this week is Fleep — a tool to bring all your conversations together.

Tired of email overload?

Many people, myself included, have a love/hate relationship with email. On the one hand email is free and convenient, but on the other hand, email isn’t free — it has a time cost associated with it — and it can be very inconvenient, being a distraction that takes people away from doing important work.

I’ve written about my experiment in reducing my emails by a quarter and my experiment in using the telephone instead of email, both of which have helped me manage my email better.

Within our business my team and I also rely more on tools like Slack for collaboration and information exchange. This reduces email further.

But the problem remains that the vast majority of the world don’t know or won’t consider using anything other than email to communicate. So how can you can manage email overload if you can’t persuade people to try alternatives?

Bring All Your Conversations Together with Fleep

Bring All Your Conversations TogetherThe answer might be Fleep. Fleep describes itself as a next generation messenger designed to make your life easier by enabling chat without boundaries.

Essentially, Fleep merges email and messages and groups them together with relevant files. Using a Fleep account you channel everything you need into one place, which you can then easily search, highlight and even see when your messages have been read by others.


Intro to Fleep


Works with email

Fleep ScreenshotSo Fleep is a collaboration tool, but it also works with email! When you sign up for the Fleep service, you’re given a Fleep email address that when you send emails from Fleep, external contacts receive them and reply to them in the traditional way — except from your side you see the whole conversation within Fleep.

No persuading people to sign up for Fleep. No need for your external contacts to change the way they work!

Cross Platform

Fleep is free to register for and works with PC, Mac, Android or iPhone. All your messages, files, notes and history are securely synced to the Cloud so you can access and use them anywhere.

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While moving your internal team to a more progressive, more productive modern collaboration team is a big step in itself, persuading external contacts to work in a more efficient way can be an uphill struggle.

I can see Fleep being a great way for freelancers, business owners and other like-minded people to manage their communication with others more effectively.

Email is a long way from dying, but the way we manage email can certainly change.

Try it now! Drop me an email at [email protected] with your thoughts or leave a comment below.



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