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Thumbs UpOn a Friday I try to post my favourites from the week – links to cool content and tools that I’ve found or had recommended to me. Cool stuff I’ve found this week, ending 16th August,2013 :-

FlightStatus – Tweet this bot your flight number and it will send you up-to-date flight status information via Twitter! It’s worth adding that if you’re somebody who is concerned that burglars will exploit Social Media to rob your home – this probably isn’t one for you…

Do you have any cool content or tools to share with me? Why not e-mail me or Tweet me, and if I feature them in my blog you can be sure I’ll give you credit! Have a great weekend!

photo credit: CarbonNYC via photopin cc


  • Richard Tubb2013-08-18 09:39:48

    Paul - thanks for letting us know your thoughts, some very valid points made. Good luck with the improvements to the service - I think it's very useful!

  • Paul2013-08-16 16:30:10

    Regarding @FlightStatus the concern is the same as people using Foursquare or Facebook check-ins. Also people may well be using the service purely as a meet-n-greeter so just because someone has tweeted a flight number it doesn't necessarily mean they are flying themselves. Having said that we do acknowledge some people on Twitter would prefer to receive this information via Direct Message and therefore this has been on our product roadmap for some time. (Please note that @FlightStatus is a demo purely service). Thanks for adding us to your blog, and we hope you enjoy the service :)

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