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Tiny little Jayne hat IIEvery Friday I try to post links to favourites in cool content and tools that I’ve found or had recommended to me.

Cool stuff I’ve found this week, ending Friday 31st, 2012:- – edit or adapt your photos or images online for free. You can resize , sharpen and/or rotate images plus there are filters such as Red Eye removal and sepia available. Quick and free – what’s not to like? Thanks to Stuart Crawford of Ulistic for the link!

Any cool content or tools to share with me? Contact me and if I feature them in my blog, I’ll be sure to give you credit!

Have a great weekend! Smile

photo credit: marymactavish via photo pin cc


  • Richard Tubb2012-09-01 08:05:12

    Stuart - keep those contributions coming, you're becoming a regular contributor to Friday Favourites. Appreciate it!

  • Richard Tubb2012-09-01 08:04:17

    Thanks Kevin, I'll check Wunderlist out!

  • Kevin Jordan2012-08-31 19:03:51

    Started using Wunderlist ( this week. It is an awesome time management tool that synchronizes nicely with all devices (phone, tablet, PC). Was using Gtask and and experienced sync issues. No issues with Wunderlist. Check it out!

  • Stuart Crawford2012-08-31 09:31:49

    Glad I was able to help with a cool little tool. Cheers Stuart Crawford MSP Coach

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