K Ring – The Contactless Payment Ring

K Ring - Friday Favourites with Richard Tubb

K Ring - Friday Favourites with Richard TubbDo you ever find yourself fumbling for your wallet or purse when paying for something, and wish you could pay with a wave of your hand instead?

Every Friday I share one of my favourite finds of the week — a website, tool or an app that has impressed me.

My Friday Favourite this week is K Ring – The Contactless Payment Ring.

What is it?

K Ring is a physical ring that you wear on your finger. You can make contactless payments anywhere that accepts Mastercard payments.

How much does it cost?

An individual K Ring costs from £99.99 to purchase. Use the discount code K-5MTFSD for a 15% discount.

Contactless Payment using your fingers!

I’ve written before about how I’m a huge fan of Curve — combine all your credit and debit cards into one card.

However, to make payments with cards like Curve, you still need to get out your purse or wallet, retrieve your card and then make a payment with it.

Then there are times when it’s not practical to carry a purse or wallet.

Sure, many physical cards (including Curve) can be loaded onto your Android or Apple pay for contactless payment — but you still need to get your ‘phone out to make that payment!

Now you can leave your wallet, purse, cash, coins and cards at home and still pay for stuff anywhere that accepts Mastercard!

The K Ring (formerly known as Kerv) is a piece of tech that I’ve recently got my hands on (or should that be, the tech got on my hand?).

It’s a physical ring that you were, that can be used (in the same way as you’d tap your credit or debit card) to make contactless payments in shops, restaurants and bars. You simply press your ring finger to the contactless payment point and voila, payment is taken!

You don’t require a PIN, signature, bank account or smartphone.

The K Ring is linked to a Virtual Prepay Mastercard account, which stores the funds linked to your ring. There are no fees to load your K Ring from a Debit Card or via Bank Transfer and any fees you load are immediately available for use.

You can order the K Ring in the exact size for your ring finger. It is available in a range of sizes and is engineered from scratch-resistant zirconia ceramic.

The K Ring is waterproof and it doesn’t require charging, as it uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, similar to your smartphone.

For peace of mind, you can switch your K Ring on and off and receive live transactions alerts via the app.

With the @KWearables K Ring, you can make contactless payments without a credit card or smartphone! Click to Tweet

How can I get it?

You can buy a custom K Ring to suit you from the K Store.

You can enter K-5MTFSD in the “Discount Code” box at the checkout to apply a 15% discount to the order.

To find out more you can visit the K Ring homepage.

You can also follow @KWearables on Twitter or visit the KWearables Facebook page.

Thanks to Mike Hudson for the recommendation to K Ring!

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