K Sport Wireless Headphones – True Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth Earphones

K Sport Wireless Headphones[1]

K Sport Wireless Headphones[1]

Every Friday I share one of my favourite finds of the week — a website, tool or an app that has impressed me.

My Friday Favourite this week is K Sport Wireless Headphones – True Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth Earphones.

What is it?

K Sport Wireless Headphones are true wireless in-ear Bluetooth earphones that can be used for sport or leisure.

How can it help me?

I’m an avid listener to Podcasts (read my article on Why you should listen to Podcasts for personal development for one reason why I listen so much) and regularly listen while I’m out walking.

I currently use wired headphones, which are fine, but since Apple released their AirPod earphones, I’ve been intrigued to go down the wireless earphone route.

KauiFit K True Wireless earphones with boxThe prices of wireless earphones remain fairly high — the Apple AirPod is £159 at time of writing — so I was intrigued to try the K Sport Wireless Headphones, which are very competitively priced at under £50.

The earphones themselves are small, sweatproof and rainproof and are pitched at the fitness market.

The earphones have no cables in use, come with replaceable ear tips, plus a unique dual USB charger cable.

They use Bluetooth with a range of 10m, and you can use the earphones for media, fitness training programmes or, when paired with your Smartphone and use with the built-in microphone in the earphones, for telephone calls.

K Sport Wireless Headphones

Each earphone fitted snugly in my ear and gave a great stereo sound quality. You can use just one earphone or both earphones at any time.

The earphone has a single button which you can use to control music or Podcasts. Press once to pause, twice to skip a track or hold down to turn on/off. I found this a very useful feature.

Charging time for the earphones is approx 1.5 hours, with 3-6 hours use time.

The K Sport earphones also come with an Android or iOS app that offers fitness programmes as an in-ear personal trainer.

The prices of wireless earphones are high -- the Apple AirPod is £159 -- so I was intrigued to try the @KuaiFit K Sport Wireless Headphones, which are priced under £30. Click to Tweet

How much does it cost?

The earphones were made possible via a Kickstarter project that wildly exceeded its funding goal!

The earphones are now available via Amazon for £29.99.

How can I get it?

Kauifit Logo

You can buy the earphones via Amazon.

Visit their homepage to find out more about Kuaifit (the company behind these earphones).

You can also visit the Kuaifit Facebook page, follow @KuaiFit on Twitter, or follow Kuaifit on LinkedIn.

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  • Paul Gillespie2018-10-24 17:23:26

    Really interesting cast. Having hired three staff this year using agencies I can relate to the risk of handing over big some of cash for someone who may leave after a couple of months! The last couple of minutes were especially interesting about the future of MSPs. I agree that we'll see more consolidation of MSPs. It's no longer good enough to be "generalists", we now need to provide specialist skills to our clients which can be difficult to provide with a small team. Consolidating into larger MSPs would allow us to have specialist teams within the company to continue to provide these services as well as still provide great helpdesk/project management. you can't outsource everything and still keep a competitive edge!

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