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If you’ve ever used a checklist, then you’ll know the power they can bring to your business. But how do you go about sharing your checklists amongst your team? How about a Checklist App for Teams!

My Friday Favourite this week is – A Checklist App for Teams.

What is it? is an app that allows you to create checklist templates to help you effectively manage recurring tasks within a team.

A Checklist App for Teams

Checklists are important to any business. They promote consistency and efficiency.

I’ve written before about The Checklist Manifesto, a book that changed my perspective on how checklists can help businesses.

If you have any recurring tasks within your organisation or business then enables you to create a checklist that can be used to ensure quality and compliance.

For instance, we use internally within Team Tubb to help make sure we format and promote blog posts (including our Friday Favourites). The process can be shared amongst teams, so individuals can take responsibility for the different sub-tasks that go towards completing a bigger task. is an app to help you effectively manage recurring tasks within a team. Click to Tweet

You can create an unlimited number of templates for checklists within and reuse them concurrently.

As I wrote recently, Checklists are an IT Businesses superpower.

It’s definitely worth checking out the Manifestly checklist app!

How much does it cost? are upfront about all their pricing.

The Manifestly Checklist app costs $5/month per user for a team, $7.50/month per user for a business, and $15/month per user for an enterprise.

Yearly plans get up to 20% discount.

How can I get it?

manifestly - checklist app for teamsSign-up for a 30-day free trial at

The checklist app can run from the web.

If you would like more information, you can also find on Facebook, App on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

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  • Richard Tubb2017-06-30 11:21:05

    Ha! Thanks, Paul. I'm glad you enjoy my Friday Favourites. If you're a G-Suite fan, then you'll want to check out my upcoming Podcast episode with James Kimbley where we discuss what's new in the world of Google...

  • Paul Goggin2017-06-30 08:50:35

    Hi Richard, I love your Friday Favourites. I confess I have an ulterior motive for reading them... I use your Friday Favourite as an excuse to see if G-Suite has a feature, or method, or replicating the same task. Keep 'em coming! Paul

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