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MintH- Friday Favourites with Richard Tubb

Every Friday I share one of my favourite finds of the week — a website, tool or an app that has impressed me.

My Friday Favourite this week is Mint H – Wireless Item Beeper.

What is it?

The Mint H is a wireless item beeper that you can attach to items to track them around your home.

How can it help me?

I’ve looked at item beepers before, including the MYNT ES – Keep Track Of Your Things Near And Far and the original Mynt – Smart Tracker and Bluetooth Remote Control.

Both of those beepers are Bluetooth-based, for tracking items (such as luggage and your Smartphone) when away from the home.

The Mint H is a wireless item beeper that you would use for items in and around your home. It uses an RF (radio frequency) transmitter, so the range is better than Bluetooth.

If you’ve ever misplaced your house keys, lost your iPad somewhere around the home, or can’t find your wallet or purse, then the Mint H wireless item beeper can help you.

The boxed set comes with a 6 x trackers and a remote control unit.

The trackers are keyfob-sized buttons which run off CR2032 batteries.

You attach the trackers to your items via metal hoops (included) or tape.

When you need to find any of your items, press the remote control and the trackers will sound a beep to let you know where the items are.

The remote control also includes a handy little LED torch for when you’re peering behind a cabinet or down the back of the sofa!

In practice, I found that I could track items anywhere in my house with the Mint H. It even worked when placed around the Cat’s collar (although she was a bit bemused at the beeping).

If you’re constantly finding yourself trying to find everyday items around your home, Mint H should help you!

If you've ever misplaced your house keys, or can't find your wallet or purse, then the Mint H wireless item beeper from @Slightect can help you. Click to Tweet

How much does it cost?

The Mint H boxed set costs from £25 in the UK and $25 in the USA.

How can I get it?

The Mint H – Wireless Item Beeper is available from Amazon in the UK.

For more information on buying globally, visit

You can also visit the homepage of the creators of the Mint H at, follow @Slightech on Twitter or visit the Slightech Facebook page.

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