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Miro - Friday Favourites with Richard Tubb

Miro - Friday Favourites with Richard TubbDo you ever find yourself wanting to sketch out an idea or concept on a whiteboard to show your colleagues over a video call?

Every Friday I share one of my favourite finds of the week — a website, tool or an app that has impressed me.

My Friday Favourite this week is Miro – Online Whiteboard Platform.

What is it?

Miro is an online whiteboard platform. You can use it to draw on a virtual whiteboard which your colleagues, friends or clients can view and draw on too.

How much does it cost?

Miro is free to use.

Team plans, offering additional features, start at $8 per month.

Online Whiteboard Collaboration

With the move to remote working, many of us are missing the ability to get together in-person and brainstorm ideas and concepts.

Tools such as Zoom – Cloud Video Conferencing make it easy to share your screen, and tools like Google Docs make it easy to collaborate on documents — but what if you want to use the virtual equivalent of the good old fashioned Whiteboard and visually draw out ideas?

Miro makes it easy to create an online whiteboard and then start collaborating on something in real-time.

Those you invite to join the online whiteboard will see the images, text and drawings you draw, in real-time.

Anybody who wants to collaborate with you can add their own images, text, drawings and other media to the online whiteboard.

You can even add files like PDF documents to your whiteboard.

Miro provides an online whiteboard that is infinite in size. You can keep drawing, and drawing, and drawing and never hit the “sides” of the whiteboard.

You can also use templates to set up your online whiteboard. Miro offers templates for:-

  • Business model canvases
  • User story maps
  • Fishbone diagrams
  • Mind maps

… and many other templates.

Miro also integrates with other popular collaboration tools like Slack, Trello, Zoom and more.

You can use the @MiroHQ online whiteboard to draw on a virtual whiteboard which your colleagues, friends or clients can collaborate with. Click to Tweet

How can I get it?

Visit the Miro website to sign-up for a free online whiteboard account.

You can also visit the Miro Facebook page, follow @MiroHQ on Twitter, or follow Miro HQ on LinkedIn.

Thanks to Jamison West of SmileBack for the introduction to Miro during the awesome Remote Connect Virtual Experience for MSP Managers.

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