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Nordlocker-Tubblog Friday Favourite by Richard Tubb

Nordlocker-Tubblog Friday Favourite by Richard TubbThink of all the personal files you’d rather keep private. Photos, Videos, Notes. How can you prevent them from ending up in the wrong hands?

Every Friday I share one of my favourite finds of the week — a website, tool or an app that has impressed me.

My Friday Favourite this week is NordLocker – Store and Share Your Files Securely.

What is it?

NordLocker is an encrypted file storage system that keeps your files secure.

How much does it cost?

NordLocker allows you to store 2GB of data for free.

The Premium service starts at $1 per month.

Store and Share Your Files Securely

There are a lot of cloud-based file storage systems out there. My personal favourite is pCloud – All your files with you, anywhere you go.

NordLocker, however, has caught my attention with its strong focus on encryption, and the fact it works in conjunction with other cloud storage systems.

The majority of cloud storage systems do encrypt your data, but they hold the decryption key. This means that anyone in authority may be able to view your data.

Storing files in NordLocker can be thought of as keeping them in a locked safe. If anyone tries to look at what’s inside the safe, they can’t see what’s there. You have access when you unlock the safe, but the rest of the time, no-one (not even the folks at NordLocker) can see the files you are storing.

NordLocker sits on top of typical cloud storage solutions. Your data is encrypted, by you, and can’t be viewed by anyone else.

If you need to share files with others, you can do so securely via email, instant messenger or any other service.

I see NordLocker as a great way to enhance your existing cloud storage solutions with additional security.

UPDATE:- NordLocker have recently introduced their Cloud Locker solution to the NordLocker product. This means that while you can still choose to use NordLocker in conjunction with your favourite Cloud-based storage app, if you prefer to use NordLocker’s cloud solution, then you can.

Simply choose either a “Local” (your own cloud-storage provider or PC) or “Cloud Locker”.

NordLocker are offering 3GB of encrypted cloud storage for free to every NordLocker user, with 500GB of encrypted cloud storage for Premium users.

You can use @NordLocker as a great way to enhance your cloud storage with additional encryption and security. Click to Tweet

How can I get it?

Click here and sign-up for a free NordLocker 3GB account.

You can also visit the NordLocker Facebook page or follow @NordLocker on Twitter.

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