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Every Friday I try to share one of my favourite finds of the week – a web-site, tool or app that has impressed me.

My Friday Favourite this week is the Norse Attack Map – a Real-Time Cyber-Attack Map of the world.

What is it?

The Norse Attack Map is an interactive Cyber-Attack map that visualises the global cyber war in real time. It shows the steady flow of cyber-attacks taking place online, depicted as laser beams on a map.

The attacks visualised are real attacks on the infrastructure of threat intelligence company Norse, based in California.

How can it help me?

The Norse Attack Map is a powerful way to demonstrate to people that the threat of Cyber-attacks is real.

The map can be branded with your own company logo, and as an IT company, displaying the real-time Norse Attack Map on a monitor in your office reception area would make an excellent talking point for visitors.

How much does it cost?

The Norse Attack Map is free to use.

How can I get it?

To view the Norse Attack Map, visit

You can also follow Norse Corp on Twitter.

Thanks to Mostyn Thomas of Astrix Systems for sharing the link.


  • Richard Tubb2016-04-01 08:55:35

    Mike -- great find! Thanks for sharing.

  • Mike Judd2016-03-01 18:43:26

    Google has picked up the torch and is generating a similar threat map here >

  • Richard Tubb2016-02-15 09:43:29

    Mark -- thanks for sharing the update!

  • Mark Povey2016-02-12 10:26:03

    I'm led to believe Norse Corp has shut down now (Although the website is still running), mainly because the data is dubious at best. The map does look exciting though, pew pew.

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