OneTab – Save Memory and Reduce Tab Clutter in Google Chrome

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Every Friday I share one of my favourite finds of the week — a website, tool or an app that has impressed me.

My Friday Favourite this week is OneTab – Save Memory and Reduce Tab Clutter in Google Chrome.

What is it?

OneTab is an extension for the Google Chrome web-browser (it’s also available for Mozilla Firefox) that allows you to reduce tab clutter.

How can it help me?

Do you ever find yourself with lots of web-browser tabs open at the same time? Overwhelmed by all the clutter? Chrome slowing down due to all the open tabs?

Once installed as a Google Chrome extension, OneTab allows you to press the funnel extension button and have all of the tabs reduced to a list of links on a single page — reducing tab clutter and saving up to 95% in memory resources.

You can visit any of the links you’ve reduced at any time. You’re just left with a less cluttered web browser!

OneTab is an extension for the Google Chrome web-browser that allows you to reduce tab clutter Click to Tweet

How much does it cost?

OneTab is free of charge.

Reduce Tab Clutter in Google ChromeHow can I get it?

To install OneTab into Google Chrome in under 5 seconds, visit and install the extension.

OneTab for Firefox is also available for the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

You can also contact OneTab.

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  • Richard Tubb2018-02-05 12:11:33

    It's a good one, isn't it Claire? :-) Thanks for all of your social support, sharing posts. It's really appreciated.

  • Claire Brotherton2018-02-05 11:55:08

    Just tried out OneTab - it's amazing! Thanks so much for this post, Richard.

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