Soapbox – The App to Make Meetings Better

Soapbox - The App to Make Meetings Better

Soapbox - The App to Make Meetings BetterDo you ever finish attending a meeting and think “What a waste of time?”. How can you make meetings better?

Every Friday I share one of my favourite finds of the week — a website, tool or an app that has impressed me.

My Friday Favourite this week is Soapbox – The App to Make Meetings Better

What is it?

Soapbox is an app that can help you make meetings better, through shared online agendas, integrated meeting notes and a next step tracker.

How much does it cost?

The Soapbox basic plan is free to use.

Pro plans start at $5 per month for the first 5 users and then $7 per user after that (USD).

Make Meetings Better

We’ve all attended meetings where there was no set agenda, a lot of waffle, and no actions taken from the meeting. In fact, from my corporate IT days, most meetings were like this!

For those of us who are self-employed and don’t get paid to have meetings, we need to make meetings better.

Soapbox positions itself as “The App Built for Managers”.

However, after recently trying Docket – Make Meetings Awesome, I stumbled across Soapbox and found I preferred it, as it has a very intuitive approach to meetings.

We now use Soapbox to hold productive meetings with staff, suppliers and clients.

Soapbox offers features including:-

  • Shared online agendas.
  • Integrated meeting notes. You can take minutes directly within your meeting and Soapbox will automatically forward a copy to all attendees, post-meeting.
  • Real-time commenting. You can ask questions and add context to agenda items before, during and after the meeting.
  • Suggested questions. If you’re not sure how to set out a meeting, Soapbox gives you ideas on the questions you may need to ask.
  • Next-step tracker. Soapbox will record any next-steps that are agreed upon, and allow you to track these responsibilities.
  • Meeting rating. Survey meeting attendees and gather their feedback, to improve future meetings.

Soapbox integrates with lots of 3rd party tools such as Google Calendar, Slack and Microsoft Teams. This makes it super simple to keep track of meetings on whichever platform you prefer.

For instance, we have regular internal team meetings for Team Tubb scheduled in our Google Calendar. Soapbox automatically records the notes from our last meeting and carries them across as the basis for our next meeting — allowing us to keep an eye on actions and responsibilities.

Handily, Soapbox also integrates with Google Chrome. This means I can quickly add items to future meeting agendas directly from my web-browser.

There are also Soapbox apps for Android and iOS, meaning you can manage meetings on the go.

Very quickly, Soapbox has become an essential tool for us to manage our meetings. If you’d like to make your meetings better, then give Soapbox a try!

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How can I get it?

Visit the Soapbox homepage to set up a free Soapbox account.

You can also visit the Soapbox HQ Facebook page, follow @SoapBoxHQ on Twitter, or follow Soapbox on LinkedIn.

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