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WherebyEvery Friday I try to share one of my favourite finds of the week – a website, tool or app that has impressed me.

My Friday Favourite this week is Whereby – One-Click Video Conversations.

What is it?

Previously known as appear.in, Whereby is a website that allows you to host video conversations with up to eight people, without any login or plug-in’s required.

How can it help me?

If you want to host a conference call or video chat with multiple people and not have to worry about them installing any specific software, Whereby will help you achieve this through a web browser.

Simply create a whereby.com “room”, share the URL link with the people you want to chat with and once they click the link, they knock for entry and once you’ve granted permission, they will appear in the room.

Whereby - logoHow much does it cost?

Whereby is free to use.

How can I get it?

Visit https://whereby.com/ using Chrome, Firefox or Opera on any platform and get started.

You can also download Appear.in apps for Android and iOS.


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    Great content. Really informative and helpful. Thanks for sharing it with us. Appreciate it.

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