Webinar – How to build strong MSP alliances

MSP alliances

MSP alliancesDoes your Managed Service Provider business have MSP alliances with other IT businesses?

I recently polled a large number of IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) on their biggest challenges for 2019 (if you missed out then make sure to sign up for my MSP newsletter here).

One of the top issues MSPs told me they faced were the headaches posed by trying to recruit good quality engineers to extend the businesses capacity and capabilities.

I certainly know that I faced this challenge with my own MSP business. As a result, I found a way of mitigating the need to recruit as much.

Other progressive MSPs that I’ve worked with have adopted a similar tactic and it has worked really well for them too.

That tactic is to build strong MSP alliances with other IT businesses.

How strategic alliances can extend your MSP capabilities

You can build MSP alliances with other IT businesses to help your MSP business in a number of areas:-

  • Specialist skills
  • An additional resource for larger projects
  • Holiday / Sickness cover (especially important for smaller MSPs)
  • Geographical coverage
  • 24×7 coverage

Your MSP business can do and achieve more when you’re working with partners.

Your MSP business can do and achieve more when you're working with partners. Click to Tweet

Webinar – Building A-Team Alliances to Extend Your MSP Capabilities

Richard Tubb and Craig SharpFor my first MSP-focused webinar of 2019, we’re running a workshop on Building A-Team Alliances to Extend Your MSP Capabilities.

Our webinar hosts will be Auvik, and I’ll be joined by my close friend and owner of Birmingham-based MSP, Abussi, Craig Sharp.

Craig is someone with twenty years experience of running and growing an IT business that has thrived thanks to its alliance relationships.

In this interactive webinar, we’ll be covering:-

  • Why build strategic alliances?
  • The type of alliances you can build
  • How to structure partnership agreements
  • How to effectively find alliance partners

The webinar took place on January 24th 2019 and here’s a link to view it.

Your questions around alliances

We answered your questions live during the webinar.

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