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MarketingDo you find it difficult to find new business for your MSP? It’s my experience that when you ask any IT Solution Provider or Managed Service Provider (MSP) what their biggest challenge is, the answer will often be “Finding new clients”.

MSP Business ManagementOn Thursday June 20th, 2013 at 4pm GMT (11am EDT) I’ll be joining my friends at MSP Business Management for a webinar on creating a lead generation plan for your MSP.

We’ll look at how to create a plan that will consistently deliver new business opportunities to enable your MSP business to grow, and I’ll be tackling the two most common excuses reasons for not finding new clients, namely

  • “I’m no good at marketing”
  • “I can’t find the time to do marketing”

How to watch the free Webinar

You can register for the Creating a Lead Generation Plan for your MSP webinar for free now, and if you can’t make this Thursday, register anyway and you’ll be sent a link to the recording watch to the recording of Creating a Lead Generation Plan for Your MSP now!


  • Richard Tubb2013-06-19 09:10:11

    Thanks Jakob. For yourself and anyone else who can't be there for the live Webinar, it's still worth registering so that you're sent details of the recording of the webinar afterwards.

  • Jakob Thusgaard2013-06-19 07:12:06

    Would have liked to be there, but have a conflicting meeting. Very interesting and essential - not just for MSP's.

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