IT Glue Roadshow Series 2018

IT Glue Roadshow Series

IT Glue RoadshowA heads-up from the UK team at IT Glue that the Glue Crew are hitting the road in 2018!

The IT Glue Roadshow is visiting London, Birmingham and Manchester and is aimed at both existing IT Glue partners and newcomers to IT Glue.

What is IT Glue?

If you’re unfamiliar with IT Glue, it’s a smart documentation platform for IT Solution Providers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Not properly documenting your clients and your business is one of the biggest mistakes MSPs Make that cost them time and money, and so I’ve been thoroughly impressed by how IT Glue helps MSPs turn documentation into an asset for their business.

Whether you’re an expert IT Glue user or just want to know more about how smart documentation is transforming the way MSPs work, these roadshow days will be full of relevant and actionable insight.

Mornings for Newcomers to IT Glue

At each event, the morning is dedicated to newcomers to IT Glue, including:-

  • Those who are not currently using IT Glue
  • Those keen to understand more about how documentation can help your business
  • Those interested in finding out more about IT Glue

The morning session will give you an overview of IT Glue’s documentation platform and discuss the impact of time waste and how smart documentation creates efficiency gains for your business.

  • 0930-1000 – Registration & Breakfast
  • 1000-1030 – Creating a Leaner, Fitter Smarter MSP: Born from an MSP’s frustration with time wasted by their technical team, they’ll share how IT Glue was designed to help service providers become leaner, fitter & smarter.
  • 1030-1100 – Documentation, Why?: A strong documentation culture can ‘free minds’ and allow an MSP to scale while enhancing service delivery. Discuss how out of date systems and processes can hinder and what you need to do to avoid gambling on your ability to scale.
  • 1120:1230 – Live Case Study: – London – James Ratcliff, Managing Director, Ratcliff IT. Birmingham – Paul Dadge, CEO, PC Paramedics. Manchester – Greg Jones,  CTO, Aabyss.
  • 1230:1330 – Lunch

Newcomers are welcome to stay for the afternoon event should you want to learn more about the solution the latest IT Glue product updates.

An Afternoon for IT Glue Partners

For existing IT Glue partners, the roadshow event offers an afternoon with exclusive product updates and what they mean to your business.

  • 1130-1230 – Stadium Tour
  • 1230-1330 – Lunch and Registration
  • 1330-1400 – Product Updates
  • 1400-1440 – Introducing MyGlue: MyGlue is the solution you’ve been waiting for to effortlessly secure your clients’ digital footprints.
  • 1500-1520 – Flexible Asset Design Showcase: Flexible Assets is a powerful service tool allowing your business to unleash creative processes and run leaner & smarter.
  • 1520-1630 – Best Practice Live: London – James Ratcliff, Managing Director, Ratcliff IT. Birmingham – Paul Dadge, CEO, PC Paramedics. Manchester – Greg Jones,  CTO, Aabyss.

The IT Glue Roadshow 2018 Dates

IT Glue Roadshow VenuesYou can join the IT Glue Roadshow on:-

Register for the IT Glue Roadshow

Make sure to register for the IT Glue Roadshow now!

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Do you already use IT Glue for your MSP business? How do you find it helps you? If you don’t already use a solution like IT Glue, then I’m intrigued — how do you document your business? Leave a comment below or get in touch with me.

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